Over the course of two years dedicated to research and innovation, we have developed a procedure for casting monocrystalline silver from continuous casting – the perfect recipe for an excellent audio conductor. Our efforts have resulted in our latest achievement: the Audio Phonique Singularity AC power cable, which represents the perfect fusion of PLMAg-5N silver with our renowned PLMCu-7N copper.

Price 1,5m

EUR 3300,00


Through the optimization of electrical parameters and meticulous adherence to geometry, our Audio Phonique Singularity AC cable achieves unparalleled sound quality. Every step of the production process is carefully controlled, with the process carried out manually to ensure reliability and exceptional precision.


Let the Audio Phonique Singularity AC cable unleash the full potential of your magnificent audio system.

Conductor type

Audio Phonique Singularity AC power cable, crafted with custom-made conductors of ultra-pure monocrystalline PLMAg-5N silver and PLMCu-7N copper. These exclusive materials undergo a meticulously designed annealing and cooling process, followed by precise polishing to achieve an impeccable surface.

By incorporating these two unique metals in carefully balanced proportions, our design ensures unparalleled sound quality.


We know that the most degrading electrical parameter of a power cable is its inductance. That’s why Audio Phonique Singularity AC has been designed to keep this parameter as low as possible across a wide spectrum of frequencies. Our innovative HexaAir topology, self-shielding and full-range shielding, ensures not only minimal inductance but also stable resistance and capacitance at exceptionally low levels.

But that’s not all! Energy is delivered to your device without loss and completely free from any external interference.


Invoking knowledge about cables as a medium for electromagnetic fields, we understand the crucial role played by first-contact insulators. Their quality, purity, density, composition, and dielectric constant are paramount for lossless energy transmission.

In the Audio Phonique Singularity AC power cable, we’ve opted for the highest-quality medical-grade Teflon to ensure best performance. However, it’s the HexaAir topology that underscores a new definition of excellence. By utilizing air as the primary first-contact insulator, we minimize obstacles to magnetic fields, creating an unparalleled path for energy. The result? Absolutely no losses!

Technical Specification

Product type:
Conductor material:
Available lengths:

Power cable
PLMAg-5N and PLMCu-7N
Air, Cotton, Medical grade teflon
HexaAir Geometry with full-range shielding 
Wattgate 390 EVO AU, Wattgate 350 EVO AU
1.0/1.5m/2.0m and more … 

Product type: Power cable
Model: Singularity
Conductor material: PLMAg-5N and PLMCu-7N
Insulation: Air, Cotton, Medical grade teflon
Construction: HexaAir Geometry with full-range shielding 
Plugs: Wattgate 390 EVO AU, Wattgate 350 EVO AU
Available lengths: 1.0/1.5m/2.0m and more…


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