Over 40 highly specialized subcontractors we work with are mostly associated with the military sector widely known for uncompromising precision, repeatability and material selection. Several these businesses also provide components for NASA.

Our access to the latest and most advanced technologies has proven to be particularly useful for Audio Phonique Dreams interconnects, power and speaker cables. Silver (6N) and copper (7N) monocrystalline OCC conductors are customized exclusively for us and accordingly to our specifications. Although our subcontractors are our company’s most precious secret, suffice it to say they also provide conductors for CERN and SpaceX.

Audio Phonique products feature components by leading audio companies; Mundorf, Lundahl, WBT, Furutech, Oyaide, Emission Labs, KR Audio and many more. In order to protect planet, we cooperate with carefully selected businesses located in the vicinity of our manufacture.


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