Wojciech Murawiec


„Working for large companies as a marketing specialist resulted in experience and extensive contacts, which in 2000 led to the establishment of my own business – Marketing Investment Group. From my family home I brought the ability of communicative and effective cooperation with Asian countries. To this day my company deals with contract manufacturing and importing a wide range of products from this part of the world; from advertising gadgets and heavy equipment to machinery for industry. I also own several of my own brands and patents, and have worked with over 400 factories in the last 30 years. My knowledge in the international market spans from the design, development and research phases to the implementation of mass production. I also invest in smaller ventures in Poland and Ukraine. As a marketing specialis I was also involved in creating from scratch a brand that is now the largest in its industry in Europe.

The idea of creating my own audio brand and promoting it globally has been on my mind for a long time. A few years back I heard from a friend about a well known gifted audio designer who was actively looking for a partner and… that’s how I met Maciek. Our passion for music and audio equipment united us. He enjoys creating such products and I like to listen to them, but above all we complement each other perfectly. My partner brought to Audio Phonique many years of experience as a designer, while my knowledge is useful wherever industrial production, logistics, and activities associated with sales and marketing are involved. Being the sole owner of a large building perfectly suited to our needs was also very helpful.

Peter Ryan, the former Hewlett Packard Enterprise EMEA director, once said:

„…if things you do „get you” out of bed in the morning and you think about them with excitement, you will be successful. People often ask me what keeps me awake at night… and I say there is no such thing! I sleep really well and every day I can’t wait to get out of bed because I do what I like. If you don’t do what excites you, it will be difficult for you to succeed or be a good leader.”

Peter’s words inspire me. I get up every day with a smile on my face to go to Audio Phonique’s headquarters and hear for myself there what Maciek and his team have created the day before. By my standards that’s a dream job to have and I would not trade it for any other.”

Maciej Lenar


As a child Maciej used to dismantle and reveal internal secrets of home appliance products and in his primary school years he assembled soldering kits he got from his parents. To this day Maciej fondly remembers Enigma’s „MCMXC a.D.” cassette released in 1990 that he used to audition over and over again on Altus 80 speakers fronted by Marantz PM300 amp. Although he doesn’t quite recall all audio hardware he had later on, the Technics RS-BX-606 was his last cassette deck prior to switching to CDs.

Maciej considers time spent at the University of Warsaw’s Physics Department as one of the greatest periods in his life. All the knowledge that he gained then pays off to this day, while its natural increase in time along with innate learning ease resulted in the substantial development of his engineering skills. For over two decades Maciej has been actively involved in the local DIY scene and is a professional highly experienced audio designer for a living.

Maciej about himself:

“I’ve been always attracted to innovation related to creative processes, which is why by education I’m an IT engineer specialized in 3D designs and with a master’s degree in management and marketing. My at first rather innocent adventure with simple audio circuits involved mainly amps and preamps built for my friends, just so I could prove myself as an audio designer. However, one particularly memorable system I auditioned in 2006 changed me for years to come. It comprised of Sonus Faber Cremona speakers, MBL 1531 CD player, BAT-VK30 preamp plus Siltech cables and sounded remarkably well, but it also pushed me to create my own audio equipment capable of showing music in as equally spectacular fashion.

Although the bar was set very high, my own audio company was launched in 2012 and five years at its steering wheel resulted in immeasurable experience. After leaving this business in 2017 I focused on a transistor integrated amp and power amp based on GM70 tubes. A. Einstein’s famous take on simplicity as my own designer credo naturally turned excessively complex audio circuitry into my enemy. Building a simple, elegant and beautifully voiced system is a task to behold, but that was my goal and several prototypes based on these principles were eventually ready. Mutual friends connected me with Wojtek, a like-minded passionate who was also interested in creating a buttoned-up professional audio company with global reach. Audio Phonique is the result of our cooperation.„


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