„Its resolution is fantastic, which results in a wealth of information about tonality, space and dynamics. However, the selectivity is less impressive, which in turn means that we focus on the bigger picture on the piece as a whole rather than on its individual elements. This is probably why, on the one hand, the presentation is vivid and clear, and on the other hand, it has a clear „azimuth” towards warmth and density. And this is how I perceive this product: as an offer for people who appreciate a rich presentation that is not tiring, and yet it is extremely open to a musical signal, both in terms of the sounds themselves and the way they are presented. This is a true high-end cable.”
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Its superior performance is the effect of through research and use of the best available materials, technology and connectors. Our polished monocrystalline copper conductors feature low dielectric constant enamel coats. Kapton insulation, dense cotton core and our proprietary hand-applied Time & Frequency Coherence (TFC) technology equalize electromagnetic wave propagation over a wide frequency spectrum.


The Audio Phonique Singularity interconnect carries the signal free from phase distortion and background noise. It brims with information about space, virtual sound sources and tone that create three-dimensional, lifelike musical acts presented on a deep soundstage.


We believe that Audio Phonique Singularity will satisfy your aesthetic needs and allow you to explore new musical horizons.

Technical Specification

Product type:
Conductor material:
Braiding geometry:
Available lengths:

RCA/XLR Interconnect
PLMCu-7N (99,99999% pure monocrystalline copper)
Air, Cotton, Teflon
TFC (eng. Time & Frequency Coherence)
KLE Innovations PERFECT 22, Furutech FP-701M and FP-702F G


Product type: RCA/XLR interconnect
Model: Singularity
Conductor material: PLMCu-7N (99,99999% pure monocrystalline copper)
Insulation: Air, Cotton, Teflon
Braiding geometry: TFC (eng. Time & Frequency Coherence)
Plugs: KLE Innovations PERFECT 22, Furutech FP-701M and FP-702F G
Available lengths: 0.75/1.0/1.5m

Conductor type

The Audio Phonique Singularity interconnect is based on our custom-made PLMCu-7N monocrystalline  copper conductor. Each its individual 7N (99,99999%) crystal is electroplated to produce a uniform mirror-like surface and then enameled in low temperature. This expensive, multi-step process minimizes the skin effect and lowers the resistance of the conductive material, and protects it from mechanical damage and corrosion. The enamel layer used as the first contact dielectric also pre-suppresses micro-vibration.

Our conductors are designed so that their structure does not change over time regardless of their diameter. This is the only way to minimize distortion and guarantee optimal performance of the finished product.


We believe that phase distortions are the most harmful to the audio signal. These delays in propagation of individual frequency waves disrupt their integrity and differences in their transmission speeds can be as high as 30%. Smeared and flat sound is the audible result. While it has been a challenge to understand and solve this problem, we have finally succeeded and are proud to have achieved this goal.

Our proprietary TFC (Time & Frequency Coherence) technology was developed to reduce phase distortions to almost zero. This proprietary method of manually splicing the conductors according to a specific geometry allows us to shape their selected parameters. The outcome is a product with reduced skin effect and excellent shielding properties, that also behaves as if it were much shorter than it actually is. Templates strictly tailored to specific cable lengths are necessary to achieve satisfactory and repeatable results, while the manufacturing process itself requires high precision and is complex.


Our research has clearly shown that the type of dielectric materials significantly affects the quality of the audio signal. Although vacuum (dielectric constant 1) is irreplaceable in this respect, it’s also very difficult to produce and maintain. Our alternative for it is a homogeneous insulating enamel with a very low dielectric constant on the surface of our PLMCu-7N conductor. This coating combined with a high-density cotton core and Kapton layers does not obstruct the electromagnetic wave propagated along that conductor. Natural cotton (dielectric constant 1.3) also is an excellent structural dielectric material and efficient resonance suppressant.



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