DAC DHT Line Stage

„…DAC DHT primarily pursued instrumental filler, relaxation, connective tissue, boldness and textural saturation. One back and forth between these products sufficed to map without a miss that the latter’s massive tone and juiciness were its key fortes, however it didn’t feel abnormally warm, stuffy and thick to come as unclear, fuzzy or bloated, not at all.” – by Dawid Grzyb,


„Its resolution is fantastic, which results in a wealth of information about tonality, space and dynamics. However, the selectivity is less impressive, which in turn means that we focus on the bigger picture on the piece as a whole rather than on its individual elements. This is probably why, on the one hand, the presentation is vivid and clear, and on the other hand, it has a clear „azimuth” towards warmth and density. And this is how I perceive this product: as an offer for people who appreciate a rich presentation that is not tiring, and yet it is extremely open to a musical signal, both in terms of the sounds themselves and the way they are presented. This is a true high-end cable.” – by Wojciech Pacuła,


„This is because the Audio Phonique DAC sounds open yet soft. It is not brightened up, but has a lot of energy in the upper midrange. The bass is dense, low and powerful. Although the best DACs go even lower and control the attack better, there are not many of them. However, these are all stage directions. The central message should be that the Polish DAC plays music in a great, beautiful and dense manner. It plays music, not sounds. And it does it (I repeat) perfectly.” – by Wojciech Pacuła,


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